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In 2013 Els decided that mature women deserve better than a skirt halfway the thighs in size zero. A year later she launched, skirts only, online only. “I am not into fashion, I am not a designer. I just wanted to have stylish skirts, for all type of women.

I drew 3 classic models, with a waistband in black. I named the skirts Kelly, Hepburn and Monroe because of their iconic style and quality. The skirts are produced in Bulgaria, I buy the fabrics in Italy and the shipping is done from the Netherlands. It was an interesting journey for a media person to step into ‘fashion’ as well into the online business. Not at all easy, so many closed doors, it was even hard to find the right fabric suppliers.

The good news is that I know exactly how it works at the back of a webshop – I was always intrigued by that – how to organize the logistics, the packaging, how to use social media tools. And I find out what a crazy world the fashion industry is. The tempo, the volumes, the margins. Still half a year between catwalk and shop. It could be that this industry is the next victim of the digital revolution”. In her blog forskirtaddicstonly she describes the bumpy journey of a media person who starts an online fashion business.