Expert for non-profit organization

PUM Netherlands Senior Experts is a non-profit organization, funded by the Dutch government, that connects enterprises in emerging markets with a professional expert from the Netherlands. The senior experts with at least 30 years of experience in a specific business environment, voluntary dedicate their knowledge by executing short-term consultancy projects in small and medium sized companies in developing countries.

The local economy benefits from improved business and management, which in turn facilitates employment and sustainable economic growth in the region. “I strongly believe in this kind of bottom-up development aid. The PUM is a highly professional organization, encouraged by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I was happy that my application was approved. I gained so much in the past, for me it is time to give something in return. My experience is in publishing, but in ‘emerging markets’ too. I know how it feels to build your business from scratch in an environment that is miles behind. I am just back from Kathmandu, Nepal. A newspaper company with business magazines and some core related events. Two weeks of hard working together, with direct results, how enriching is that”.