Consultancy and Management

In 2012 Els Loesberg established her own media consultancy company, ELLmedia. After 35 years of leadership in publishing, she found the time ripe to share her experience and professional knowledge.

Her capacity to analyze and to clarify specific issues, goes hand in hand with finding obtainable solutions for it. Portfolio review, product improvements, digital initiatives as well as strategy and transformation: Els Loesberg has a professional eye for important details in the chain and for the future needs of the business at the same time.

Throughout the years she became well versed in reorganizing companies and simultaneously in restructuring teams. “I did it many times, on a smaller scale with editorial teams and publishing clusters, on a bigger scale with Eastern European companies. And of course, especially between East and West there’re big differences. But at the end of the day the aim was always the same: to obtain a transparant business, an efficient workflow, a healthy top- and bottomline. And I love doing it. It is more than  just consultancy. Bringing new spirit to the business and the people, directly working with the team or in an one-on-one situation with the CEO. It’s in my DNA I suppose”.